Grab your sleeping bag, it's time to come back on Tour!

Alumni On-Call Banner.png

We are officially launching our new program, Alumni On-Call, to help connect you with the current corps and provide for its material needs on the road!

Being an Alumni On-Call is a fulfilling way to become an integral part of the 2018 Season on top of your standard $10 monthly contribution to the Gears+ Program.

Benefits of being On-Call include:

  • Reconnecting and building new relationships with other awesome Alumni
  • Directly interacting with and shaping the lives of current Members
  • Seeing our 2018 Production develop behind-the-scenes
  • Delicious free food on Styrofoam plates from our Gourmet Cook Truck (hello, Exploding Chicken!)
  • Immense satisfaction from giving back to the Corps that shaped your life

Just enter your information into the form below to sign up for various points on Tour to assist with Mechanical, Electrical, Carpentry, Medical, Administrative, or any other special skills that only you as an Alumni can provide.

There are also full-time positions available for the corps.  Should you have full Summer availability and exceptional qualifications, shoot an email to Joe Roach at for more!


We can't wait to bring you back on Tour!