Thomas Heidebrecht

2014-2017, Baritone

Tommy Heidebrecht.jpg

Current Role



  • Communicative

  • Personable

  • Organized

  • Passion

  • “Young” Perspective


I am a recent age-out with a ton of passion, energy, fresh ideas, and want to make the alumni experience more engaging, fun, and better for everyone.


  • Creating a unified history catalogue

  • Highlight connections made between alumni, and between alumni and members

  • Create a visual history of Cavaliers on the field-uniforms, equipment, logos, etc

Vision for CAA

I want to help create an environment where alumni feel like they are heard, and personally empowered to contribute towards any part of the cavaliers organization, especially the CAA. My hope is that alumni will want to actively engage with each other and the current corps/ensembles, whether virtually, at regional meet ups, by volunteering, tailgates, car shows, etc. There is an undeniable positive energy created when Cavaliers get together, and there is so much good that can come of that energy even while we’re spread across the country.